We support your business with highest knowledge in Japanese and Indonesia legal practices.


We support your business with both Japanese and Indonesia office members as one unit.


We support your business from entry to withdrawal with consistent service.

Debt collection

We will support the procedure when a foreign company legally claims a receivable against a Japanese company.

Legal professionals to connect your business from Japan to Indonesia.

We support correct communications between head office and local office.

With Japanese standard, we provide correct information quickly comparing Japanese law and practices.

We provide highest performance with lowest cost.

Business Areas


Our legal services in Indonesia

How do our Japanese and Thai law offices work together to offer support ?
  • Incorporation procedures
  • Establishment of representative offices
  • Establishment of BOI business
  • Research of applicable laws
  • Drafting of joint venture and other key agreements
  • Consultation on labor matters
  • Debt collection
  • Liquidation proceedings
  • M&A and restructuring services

Our legal services in Japan

Providing legal services based on a wealth of experience
  • Litigation
  • Corporate law
  • Bankruptcy and civil rehabilitation procedures
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Labor law
  • Antitrust law
  • Draft and review of various agreements including English versions
  • M&A and restructuring services

Debt Collection in Japan

For foreign companies doing business with Japanese companies, the biggest concern must be how to collect the receivables in the event that the Japanese company does not pay. Our office will support the procedure when a foreign company collects reveivables against a Japanese company.


2 possible types of corporations and investment promotion in Indonesia

Incorporation of a limited company

Incorporation of a limited liability company

This is the establishment of a limited liability company under Indonesian company law. In Indonesia, the investment law stipulates that foreign companies must establish limited liability companies called "PT" to operate their business activities, thus many foreign companies choose this type of corporation.

Establishment of a representative office

Establishment of a representative office

Mainly there are three types of representative offices that foreign companies can establish in Indonesia. Provided, however, purpose of usage of each representative office is limited.

Investment promotions

Investment promotions

In order to promote investments from foreign companies, Indonesia has various investment incentive measures as follows. In each case, there are detailed rules regarding business activities, region, investment amount, etc., so please contact us regarding individual cases.


Yoichi Kamio

Yoichi Kamio

Japanese Licensed Lawyer

Yoichi Kamio appropriately and promptly leads your project to finalize with his accomplished footwork and foresight from his experiences. In addition, he is learning Asian business including Indonesian or Thai business.

Joko Sulistyono

Joko Sulistyono

Partner, Indonesia Licensed Lawyer

The excellent Indonesian lawyer with extensive experience in legal matters related to Japanese companies, and with great skill to speak Japanese.

Shigefumi Nishizawa

Shigefumi Nishizawa

Representative Partner, Japanese Licensed Lawyer

Shigefumi Nishizawa is one of the few attorneys who has many years of experience as a lawyer in Japan and received a master's degree in law from Chulalongkom University in Thailand.