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Our offices

We expand our business, step by step, to provide legal service in Asian countries.


It is natural for business people to feel the need for legal support when expanding overseas. In comparison with Europe and the U.S., however, Japan's legal industry has not been internationalized. While there are a number of international law firms in Japan, there are very few with branch offices overseas. Doing what we could to address this issue, in October of 2004, Nishizawa International Law Office opened an office in one of the most important countries for Japanese businesses, Thailand.

Since then, we have been providing support to meet the specific needs of clients who are moving its business from overseas to Japan; from small size businesses to publicly listed companies. Regardless of whether trade agreements, such as TPP or FTA, go into effect, it is predicted that the expansion of foreign business to Japan will continue to increase. Therefore, we would provide legal services to foreign business entities maintaining the law-abiding ethos for which Japanese lawyers are renowned. Also, we hope that this expansion of our service will provide exciting career opportunities for young legal professionals.